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3DIQ is a full-service immersive technologies studio. We work closely with you to take your idea from concept to reality.

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360 Video

Don't miss out on 360 video. Many media companies are now utilizing virtual reality as a more compelling way to tell their stories.

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Phone/Tablet AR

ARKit and ARCore have brought AR to the masses. There are over 480 million devices that support one of these AR technologies making them the largest AR markets in the world.

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Mobile VR

Between GearVR, Daydream, and Cardboard, just about every Android and iOS smart phone in the world supports mobile virtual reality. Build an immersive application that works on hardware that people already own!

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Desktop VR

Desktop virtual reality enables a degree of immersion incomparable to mobile platforms. Desktop VR applications truly put your customers into a reality of your making. We have experience working with a number of peripheral devices that take that level of immersion even further.

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High-End AR

ODG R8/R9s and Microsoft Hololens AR glasses are bringing the future of human-computer interfaces to us sooner than most realize. With untethered AR glasses, the possiblities are nearly endless.

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We have experience building multiplayer applications for nearly every one of these platforms and can implement social functionality into any of them. Whether your needs are typical or complex, we can build custom network architecture when necessary.


Check out some of the awesome stuff we've done.

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Warner Bros.

IT: Escape from Pennywise VR

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Research and Development

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Next Generation VR Narrative

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VR Masters Program

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Vivid Vision

Virtual Reality Vision Therapy

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Sync Think

VR Concussion Testing w/ Eye Tracking

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Business/Finance Chatbot

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Cloud 3D Content Pipeline

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Proof Inc.

AR Previsualization Tool

Our Core Team

portrait of Solaris Nite

Solaris Nite


Solaris has experience tackling a wide range of technical challenges for the medium. He has worked with notable companies such as Within, Spaces, and Airbnb to design and build compelling immersive applications. Solaris is most passionate about interaction design and building multiplayer VR content.

portrait of Morgan Schwanke

Morgan Schwanke


Morgan is an active advisor / investor in early stage AR/VR, gaming, and computer vision companies. Previously, Morgan worked on product at Unity Technologies. Before Unity, Morgan was founder and CEO at OnMyBlock, a venture backed marketplace for student housing.

portrait of Arek Kwasny

Arek Kwasny

Project Manager

Arek is an IT professional serving clients since 1999 where he created first static website which followed with a PHP based ecommerce solution shortly after. He has been involved with more than 100 projects to date. Currently specialising in new technologies such as VR, AR, ML & Blockchain.

portrait of Emma Hawk

Tomy Talledo

XR Developer

Tomy is an experienced Unity developer and game designer with a specialization in immersive technologies. Tomy has a history of excellence in designing robust code architecture and managing developer resources to guarantee quality output both visually and under the hood.

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VR for dummies

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